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Department of Laboratory
The department is divided into the following sections.
In addition to the routine biochemical tests, there are facilities for Enzymes (Cardiac, Hepatic and Pancreatic), Hormones (HCG Levels, t3 t4 TSH, FSH and LH) and special chemistry (Prostatic acid phosphates and Glycosated Haemoglobin). The working of the department is regularly monitored by external and internal quality control.
Heamatology Services Available:
  • Complete blood count and blood picture review by haematologist.
  • Reticulocyte Count
  • Bone Marrow Examination
  • Coagulation Studies - Production Time, Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time, Thrombin Time, FDP, Bleeding Time.
  • Complete coagulation workup for bleeding disorders including assay of factors (F, VIII, IX, X, XI, VII, V etc.)
  • Control of oral coagulation PT/INR
  • Investigations of haemolytic anaemia

Histopathology & Cytology

    Investigations available in the department of Histopathology.
    1. Routine histopathology - diagnostic
    Out side biopsies are accepted. Mission hospital specimens are done at concessional rates as decided by hospital administration.
    2. The following immunohistochemistry test are available
      ER, PR, HER2/ neu
      NSE (Neuron Specific Enolase)
    3. Immunoflurescence for renal biopsies-IgG, IgM, IgA, C1q, C3c and Fibrinogen
    4. Intra operative diagnosis using - frozen section, microwave processing, crush smear and imprint preparations.
    5. Pap Smears.
    6. Body fluids -for malignant cytology

    7. FNAC-Procedure and reporting.

    The department is part of the DNB Programme with two seats per year.
    Routine checkups of Blood, Stool, Urine, Body Fluids.
    In addition to routine serology, the special serology test done are  TB-ELISA, H-Pylori, Amoebiasis, HIV and TOXOPLASMA.

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