Centre for Social and Health Communication of Community Health Department,St. Stephen’s Hospital was started in 2012 with the aim – ‘to spread awareness in the community through IEC which includes Nukkad Natak, Rallies, Skits, Songs and Majma etc’. They also impart training to youth regarding dance, songs and acting.


  • To improve knowledge about  health , health related issues and  safety.
  •  To impart training to people in various important aspects of life.
  • To enhance and sharpen skills and to increase the talent.
  • To enhance communication skills and personality development.



  • To spread awareness and to give information about social issues as well as issues related to their lives.
  • Utilization of time & creative thinking.
  • Improving knowledge about health and safety issues.
  • Preparing scripts and nukkad nataks as per the need of department.

Key Highlights

During the year 2016, Activities were Majmas 40, Nataks 22, Rallies 2 and Health talks 15 on different topics like TB/Dots, Mental Health , Sanitation, NCDs, Mother & Child Health, Tree Plantation and immunization.
69 and 22 students have been enrolled for Dance and Singing classes respectively.

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