Community Health Department, St. Stephen’s Hospital organized a Web Panel Discussion on ‘Leadership for Medical Professionals and Allied Fields’- our FIRST webinar, on 12.09.2020.
Hosted in the time of COVID-19 pandemic, a challenging time for all who are working in the health sector. If there is a time when effective leadership in the Health Sector is very much required to save humanity, it is now!Eminent Speakers from leadership positions of the Health Sector, public health experts, and researchers gave their valuable presentations, enriched the participants with their experiences and insights on leadership.

Out of 223 pre-registrations, more than 100 participants from all over India and also from foreign universities/hospitals joined our webinar, which was streamed simultaneously on Google Meet as well as YouTube Live.

We got an overwhelming response from the participants and hope they were able to learn key lessons of leadership from our esteemed panelists. Thanks to everyone for your active participation and support.

Our heartfelt gratitude to The Director, St. Stephen’s Hospital, and esteemed senior faculty of Community Health Department for their support.