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Inpatient Services
  • Admission
  • Patients are admitted to the hospital as per the recommendation of a doctor. All patients are admitted in the hospital under a team of doctors. The beds in this hospital are divided between general and private category:
    • 70% of the hospital beds are earmarked for general patients, where care is subsidised by the hospital
    • 30% beds are in the private wards.
    Once the doctor has seen the patient and has written for admission, the patient/ relative may contact the Assessment Office to get an idea about the approximate cost of treatment. The assessment can only be an approximate assessment as actual treatment or procedure may vary from what was planned. The patient/ relative will need to pay an advance as advised by the assessment officer at the time of admission. Please ensure that advance is deposited within 24 hours of admission.
  • Articles to be brought along when a patient is admitted:
  • One or more sets of clean clothes, toiletries, a tumbler, spoon, plate, papers of investigations recently done and medicines currently in use.
    Please take care of your mobile phone and don't keep valuables in the room. The Hospital will not take responsibility for the loss/theft/damage of those items.
  • Attendant
  • No attendant is allowed for General Ward patients. However on the Doctor's consent, one relative is allowed to stay with the patient. One attendant is allowed with the patient in the Private and Semi-private rooms. Two Attendant Passes are issued for Private Ward patients and one is issued for Cubicle Ward patients. In front of the General Hospital Building a special area has been made for the attendants of patients who are admitted in the ICU/CCU or in the wards. However, to avoid overcrowding, we request that the number of attendants to be restricted to one per patient.
  • Visiting Hours
  • Visiting hours are between 4:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. It is requested to restrict the number of visitors to protect the patient from infection, particularly before and after surgery. As far as possible we urge patients to discourage visitors. A large number of visitors may disturb patients and hinder recovery. Children below 12 years of age are allowed only on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday during visiting hours.
  • Diet Arrangements for patients
  • Therapeutic diet is provided to all in-patients by the Hospital as per the advice of the doctor. In addition to this, the Dietary department provides dietary advice and diet charts for patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, constipation and other disorders.
  • Discharge
  • Once the doctor advises discharge, the papers are sent to the Billing Section. The patient is allowed to leave after settling the bills, generally between 4-5pm. Remember to collect your Discharge Summary before you leave the Hospital. You can request for details of bill after discharge from the Billing Section. In case you need a medical certificate, please inform your doctor on duty. Also, please collect the X-ray, CT scan, Ultrasound images, if any, before discharge. Medicines can be returned and refund claimed at the Pharmacy only if the receipt and copy of prescription is shown.

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