Patient Welfare Society

Patient Welfare Society
St. Stephen's Hospital Patient Welfare Society was formed 28 years back by some old patients of the hospital to assist the hospital staff in their work. Inspired by the good work done by the community  and in gratitude for the medical care and affection received, the society acts as a voluntary arm of the hospital.
The society members assist in the out-patient department and  advice people on proper nutrition, family planning and preventive immunisation, while they wait to be examined by the doctors. Every year the society raises substantial amount of funds to help the needy patients.  They provide spectacles, hearing aids and artificial limbs. The society also makes efforts to rehabilitate the patients. In 1978, a six bedded ward in the hospital was subsidised by the society and a waiting room for the patients was donated in 1998.
The society members have close bond with doctors, nurses and other employees working in the hospital. They arrange educational and recreational activities for nurses like picnics and take them for ballets and music programmes. Scholarships are given to deserving nurses. Every year the society organises a children's day for the children of the hospital employees. A sports competition is also held for the children.

<!--span>Free consultation clinics are held in different specialities throughout the year. The society arranges sponsors for many of the free clinics and camps organised by the hospital. Number of such free clinics were conducted in Ophthalmology, Cardiology, Audiology and Plastic Surgery.

Polio Camp
In 1987, on the occasion of Smt. Indira Gandhi's birthday, the society started a polio reconstructive surgery camp under the able guidance of renowned orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Balu Sankaran, whereby we identified children suffering from paralysis as a result of polio myletis. Reconstructive surgery was carried on these children at St. Stephen's Hospital. These children could then walk and lead normal lives, some with the help of calipers and some otherwise. The hospital has since treated over 7000 children. Now the children are coming from far away places like Assam and Bihar. The entire treatment including food and medicines is totally free. There is an 8 bed ward in the hospital totally dedicated to these children.
Tuberculosis Patients
At any point of time 250 patients suffering from T.B are treated in the hospital free of cost. This includes diagnostic tests and medicines. The society ensures that these patients get their medicines regularly.
Rehabilitation of Physically Handicapped
The hospital has a Rehabilitation Medicine Department which looks after parapalegic and quadrapalegics. They are given occupational therapy and physiotherapy.
Community Welfare
The hospital is running a community centre at the resettlement area of Nand Nagri. Free medical treatment, diagnostic clinics, income generation programmes for the women, scholarships for talented children, karate classes for girls and educational programmes for youth are some of the welfare projects undertaken at the community centre. The society raises funds for all these activities.
List of Members
Smt. Anuradha Goel
Km. S Pamra
Vice President
Smt. Pratibha Arya
Hon. Secretary
Smt. Santosh Kapoor
Hon. Jt. Secretary
Smt. Vandana Shirmali
Hon. Jt. Secretary
Smt. Sudesh Mehta
Smt. Ajun Arora
Smt. Kamal Taneja
Smt. Kuldeep Sawhney
Smt. Padma Kapoor
Smt. Shobha Shah
Smt. Champa Ben Kotak
Smt. Kanwal Nain Sethi
Smt. Malti Jain
Smt. Renu Sehgal
Smt. Shukul Gulati
Smt. Chani Choudhary
Smt. Mira Gautam
Smt. Neena Sawhney
Smt. Satya Singla
Smt. Rita Jaggi
General Body Members
Smt. Gargi Sharma
Smt. Kamlesh Berry
Smt. Mohinder T Singh
Smt. Pratibha Hans
Smt. Shanta Jain
Smt. Vijay Suri
Smt. K Nayyer
Smt. Kusum Khanna
Smt. Neelam Vaish
Smt. Raj Berry
Smt. Suraksha Kumar
Smt. Kamala Malhotra
Smt. Mary George
Smt. Nirmal Verma
Smt. Rita Madan
Smt. Sushma Chawla