Rights and Responsibilities

Patients' Rights

  • To receive respect for personal dignity and privacy during medical examination, procedures and treatment.
  • To receive protection from physical abuse or neglect.
  • To treat patient information as confidential.
  • To obtain informed consent before carrying out procedures.
  • To have information on how to voice a complaint.
  • To have information on the expected cost of treatment.
  • To have an access to his / her clinical records.
  • Patient and families have the right to receive education on plan of care, preventive aspects, possible complications, medications, the expected results and cost as applicable.
  • To receive all information in a language and format that they can understand.

Patients' Responsibilities

  • To provide correct and detailed history of the illness/condition to the doctor.
  • To follow the treatment plans established by the Consultant doctor, nurse and other healthcare professionals.
  • You are solely responsible for the consequences in case of discontinuation of treatment prescribed by the care provider, or for giving inadequate or misleading information that may be the basis for your treatment in the Hospital.
  • To pay all the hospital bills in a timely manner.
  • To be co-operative with the staff for maintaining the cleanliness of the Hospital.
  • To be responsible for the belongings you carry to the Hospital.

To follow Hospital rules and regulations.